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Milano Jewelry Week 2021-2022

I had a dream, a vision, to one day place my genuine and thoroughly sustainable jewelry art in Milan. At one of the world's most prestigious and leading exhibitions in the industry. 

Imagine my surprise when representatives from MJW, at the beginning of 2021, contacted miv via pm on social media. They had found my account, visit the website  and absolutely loved my products and my clear focus on sustainability. They wanted to invite me to the exhibition!

Milano Jewelry Week - Front page

Due to the pandemic, the date of the event was changed a number of times, but in the end it was off to Italy and Milan in October 2022. Where both I and two of my unique creations traveled. 

I chose to exhibit in the "Artistar Jewels" exhibition, one of several different exhibitions within the event itself. 

The exhibitions were held in historic, beautiful and grand premises/buildings around the innermost beautiful center of Milan. 

In connection with Artistar Jewels, I and my chosen creations were presented in the voluminous yearbook. 


In addition to the exhibition and yearbook, I also had the opportunity to an individual creator's page on Over Jewels, MJW's e-commerce. 

Artistar Jewels - Collective exhibition

Over Jewels - Artist page at MJW´s  e-commerce 


To physically stand in front of one's own jewelry art, in lavish premises, with jewelry from industry colleagues from all corners of the world, it is difficult to put into words. 


The moment when I stood there in front of hundreds of pieces of jewelry and realized my own level of design language, exploration of materials, choice of technique, imagination and focus on sustainability - in relation to other people's creations, moved me deeply. A feeling of strength and pride landed like a warm and safe embrace around my inner person. 

Showing my creations on the international market was and continues to be a clear step for Urberg Design and me as a creator. 

Building your business, building your brand during a pandemic, in times of war and with an economic crisis - is anything but tailwind. But, I use passion, motivation and inner fervor and conviction to persevere, to work on. 

I received loads of encouragement, praise, affirmation and cheers from visitors, industry colleagues and all kinds of jewelery fans for my creations and my choices of materials and for so resolutely keeping my focus - the holistic view of sustainability. 

To reach out to the market, regionally and internationally, reach relevant customers and find matching dealers. It is truly my biggest challenge. 

Tagging, sharing, spreading the word, it makes a difference! No one knows what one or the other can lead to, what we do know is that if nothing is done, nothing happens either.

Thank you in advance for supporting me in various ways and my endeavor to contribute to change and decorate with sustainability in focus, thank you lovely people!

Together we make a difference and Let's stay eco fab! 


Stina Urberg - founder of Urberg Design, designer, jewelry artist and "material detective"





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