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Do you want the jewelry of your dreams to become a reality through my design language and craftsmanship?

Do you have suggestions for stores or contexts where you think my creations should be for sale or displayed?

Is it burning in the knots to get your order?

Is there interest in a collaboration?

Do you want to become a reseller?

Maybe you want to take part in a styled photo shoot? As a photographer, assistant, model, stylist or with makeup?

Then get in touch with me by emailing 


I do not keep large stocks, partly because handicrafts are not a stock item and partly from a sustainability perspective. I continuously create what is requested, therefore an order, depending on what is ready in the studio and depending on access to materials, can be sent within a few days up to a couple of weeks.

Feel free to visit Urberg Design on social media, where everything from sneak peeks at upcoming collections, creative projects and collaborations as well as what happens "behind the scenes" in the studio - Hope you like what you see - Welcome!

Stina Urberg - designer, jewelry artist & founder of Urberg Design.




"Life fast forward" - A Stop Motion production, a playful and creative project through collaboration between several creators. Curious? Click there!