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Cost what it costs? Really?

A conscious choice born of passion, inspiration and conviction.

I create my jewelry art there to a large extent from recycling and residual/waste material from local industries & producers.

I want to offer on several levels genuinely sustainable jewelry and decoration in the prevailing, in several different ways harmful mass production and the unsustainable consumption of the Western world.

The fashion industry is undergoing major changes. But it mostly applies to the textile industry. The jewelery and accessories segment is unfortunately far behind.

Where there is money, there are power structures.

"Fine jewels" are the most precious of metals and stones.

It continues to get "whatever it takes" regardless of what, how, who is affected.

We know historically how dirty and bloody the gold and diamond industry has been.

I hope that one day taking responsibility can be consolidated in this segment of the industry as well, naive it may seem, but hope and desire still exist.

Fashion and style are for many a way of expressing themselves, an extension of their self, a creative joy in life.

It is not at all strange, it seems to be one of the human needs, it is in our nature.

Man has in all times, in all cultures, adorned himself and his surroundings.

Yes, we all have needs in addition to food, sleep, security, closeness, etc. also the need to express ourselves through various forms of culture, creativity, in order to feel really good.

I want to offer skin-friendly, soulful and sustainable alternatives to this particular human need. Needs that are about living, beyond survival.


Let's continue to express ourselves, adorn ourselves, each other and our surroundings!

But, make our choices with a thought for tomorrow, nature and future generations.


Foto: @photographerthereseasplund


The model in the picture wears a unique piece that I sculpt from residual textile material in 100% wool.

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