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The move to the dream is imminent!

The days rush by, at an absolutely terrifying pace, jeez, how will everything be done?!

The craftsmen are far from finished and in a month the moving load will leave


At the same time, it can't go fast enough! As we long for! 

To make a decision in the middle of life to change lifestyle, change city to sparsely populated area. Take the plunge and really give your dreams a real chance. Although in many ways it feels a little scary, it is at the same time so rooted, well thought out and feels so deeply right. 

Life is too short to let second thoughts and unwarranted fears hinder the pursuit of living the dream. 

One of my promises to myself, is to do everything I can not to become a bitter old age (if one gets the privilege of being allowed to hang on to the corners of the mouth, eyelids, hearing and hair, one gets closer and closer to the earth one walks on). 

One way, I think, is to dare. Dare to test, what lies within reasonable limits and possibilities. Seeking to capture the root of a longing. Give chances, opportunities for that where dreams rest. Better to try and discover that it didn't work, than year after year to think "..what if...". 

It facilitates that one's partner has similar dreams, similar longings. That both wish the other to go far with their talents and longings.


My partner is suffering from a work injury which is being investigated and we can only hope for the best. Perhaps he is forced to change professions, but at the same time he sees opportunities in that.

I myself have been dealing with post Covid since the turn of the year 21/22, one thing at a time, one day at a time, it will work out, is a mantra that strengthens. 

I love the city I have lived in since 1998. Umeå, where the social climate is high, a young city with room for the most tender people and their interests. Umeå will always be "my city" in my heart, but the longing for nature, larger spaces for studio and workshop, being able to keep chickens, grow and being able to run naked in the rain whenever I want - it lures me away despite the love for Umeå. 

A room in the apartment building will become a temporary studio, while waiting for the barn in the barn to be scrubbed, renovated and adapted to my business.

My hope is to be able to process orders during June, but, at the moment, it is unclear.

To guarantee your holiday jewelry, the order must be placed before June 1st. 

Feel free to follow our journey on Instagram: @solbacken2.0

Catch and live the dream y'all, at least try! 

Stina U 


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