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Finding happiness in the chaos

In the midst of the prevailing chaos of renovations, house sales, illness and a school term that is coming to an end, the snow has surrendered, greenery and the light is coming with a long-awaited vitality - I take the step and publish blog here.

The goal is to highlight moments, thoughts, events and moments, from everyday life, from parties, from the private and from the profession as a designer, jewelry artist and "material detective". 

Hope you occasionally find delight in different forms.


As many already know, we have made the decision, to leave the accommodation and current lifestyle in the city, to become permanent residents of our croft (crow castle) and paradise "Solbacken". 

Just over a year ago, this big step and choice of path crystallized, after many years of cautious and diffuse longing. But suddenly it was clear to us. If we were to implement this, it was now or never. 

We believe that life is too short not to dare to give your realistic dreams a real chance. One should strive to live as one learns, right?

The whole family, me, my fiance and the children (5 and 8 years old respectively), we all love our cottage. Hope the love lasts, even better deepens. 

Torpet Solbacken, which can best be described as a holiday home, a two-family house from the 1930s, closer to a crow's castle with potential than anything else, has now, over the past year, undergone major, indeed very major, changes. 

Necessary ones. 

Interested in this life project of ours? Solbacken has its own account on Instagram, @Solbacken2.0



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