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CRADLE - Ring - adjustable

CRADLE - Ring - adjustable

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All rings, in all collections, are adjustable to fit most people.

The stated measurement is the diameter of the jewelry itself.

The frame of the ring is made of stainless steel. A skin-friendly and very durable metal. These are also formed and processed by cold forging. A stylish and stable model that is adjustable in size to fit most people.

The CRADLE collection I cold forge in aluminum, a residual material from local industries that I give a chance to a new life without burdening the environment.

The jewelry is slightly concave shaped. 

I strive for all jewelry to become "individuals", possessing their own personality with minor differences in shape, structure, angles and dimensions.

Urberg Design does not have a large stock, but a smaller one that is continuously supplemented based on what is in demand and based on sustainability aspects.


Durable and skin-friendly material choices are part of my jewelry's hallmark. 

 Stina Urberg

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