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CRADLE Together - Necklace
CRADLE Together - Necklace
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CRADLE Together - Necklace

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The jewelery links the CRADLE & SAMMAN collections together.

The CRADLE cold forging collection in aluminum, a residual material from local industries that I give a chance to a new life without burdening the environment.

The rigid neck ring is in surgical / stainless steel. 

Note that aluminum worn directly on the skin can, depending on the individual's skin composition, discoloration. It is not dangerous in any way but can be good to know.

If there is a strong desire to wear the jewelery close to the skin, but want to prevent it, I suggest applying transparent nail polish on the side that has direct contact with the skin.

I strive for all jewelry to become "individuals", possessing their own personality with minor differences in shape, structure, angles and dimensions.

Urberg Design does not hold large stocks, but creates most things continuously based on what is in demand, based on sustainability aspects.


Durable, circular and skin-friendly material choices are part of my jewelry's hallmark. 

 Stina Urberg

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