My design language – Urberg Design

My design language

Graceful, undulating and at the same time tight and proud. Metal and textile. Contradictory? No, just more interesting I say!

The observant can sense whispers and flirtations from the many expressions hidden in my creations.

There are recurring sources of inspiration, which follow through the entire design and creation process. 

Some examples of these: The Woman, The Modern, The Human, Origins, Traditions and Indigenous Peoples and the idioms of times gone by. Also Nature in large and small, fables and myths, contrasts and shadows. All of them are constantly recurring sources of inspiration.

It often happens that the silent communication of my products is expressed in descriptive words by my customers and carriers. Something that for me is very big, something that I am very humbled and grateful for, words that precisely describe the sentiments that I myself have woven into each creation. 

If you want to know more or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me,

Feel free to take a look at my jewelry art again and maybe you will see symbolism, shapes and structures?


Thanks for reading!

/ Stina