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Thoughts on sustainability

I have had a genuine interest in, curiosity and passion for materials for as long as I can remember.

Without exception, I choose materials based on durability, skin friendliness.

At the same time, "liking" must also arise between materials, design and formal language, as well as the tactile aspect of the encounter with my hands.

My jewelry consists largely of metals and I see an allure in the fact that the metals can retain their "identity", that the metal can live its own life based on its properties and the environment in which it is placed.

Textile recycling, vintage, semi-precious stone and freshwater pearls also play a significant role in my creations.  

From an environmental point of view, I rarely choose to surface treat my jewelry, but in exceptional cases it may be necessary. Sometimes I also give recommendations in the product description there.

I always strive for my jewelry to be wearable regardless of allergies or not, and I am constantly on the lookout for materials and components that fit into that endeavor. While there are always exceptions, there is a minimal, yet existent, percentage of individuals who react to surgical steel and/or gold and/or silver, metals that the common man often thinks are "hypoallergenic".

For a long time, I have had a nice collaboration with a daily operation within Umeå municipality. They sew the envelopes in which all my jewelry is delivered. Wool, velvet and linen, all sustainable, residual material and/or recycling.

Daily activities are close to my heart as earlier in my life I worked in disability care and related daily activities, a work that was both rewarding and challenging in many ways, but above all it meant a lot of joy. 

In addition, I came into contact with another form of daily activity when, many years ago, I ran into the aforementioned "wall" and later went out for job training, actually in the same premises where today, among other things, sewing is done for Urberg Design. A whim of fate, or simply a nice coincidence, regardless, it feels extra warm in the heart.

Recycling, or "Upcycling", has a significant and prioritized space in my jewelry art. Before each purchase, I always investigate opportunities for reuse or to buy used, primarily, in everything from jewelry materials, packaging, signs, tags to complementing equipment, etc.

Really sustainable!

Man has always adorned himself, so let's adorn ourselves with pride in the future!