A selection of hair jewelry. – Urberg Design

A selection of hair jewelry.

Urberg Design

- Jewelry art with care that conveys a craft tradition and inspires pride.

Below is a selection of my jewelry art, with a focus on hair jewelry, as that category has more "body" and where there is more technology and work behind.

I would like to suggest a visit to @urbergdesign on Instagram. It shows a greater breadth of both design language, products, materials and techniques.

At least as much, I would recommend a visit to the website where, above all, there is a lot to read, including about the stable foundation on which my creation rests as well as thoughts and values about materials, climate and individual.



- Several hair jewelry from the collection "Lov´t", styled together. Cold forged aluminum sheet - a residual material from local industry. (Photo: Lena Lee)

- Hair jewelry, garland with volume. Brass wire in several dimensions, vintage, recycled and European quality beads in glass. 


- Hair jewelry, a sculpturally unique jewelry. Aluminum sheet, a residual material from local industry, formed by cold forging, mounted on a comb. 

- Couple in bridal crowns. Annealed iron wire and red retro beads in glass. (Photo: Åke Andersson)


- Wedding crown with the northern forest as inspiration. Annealed iron wire and mixed glass beads. (Photo: Åke Andersson)

- The bridal crown "Vid". One of four in the installation "Vid Din Sida Mor", 2011. Annealed iron wire, recycled glass beads and prisms from a crystal chandelier that has retired.


- A tiara in the collection "Ulli". Sculpted in waste fabric, 100% Swedish wool, on a friendly frame.

- Diadem, a unique piece of jewelry, gives a feeling of pile of frozen leaves. As previously mentioned, aluminum and cold forging on a friendly frame draped in waste fabric in 100% Swedish wool. (Photo: Hanna Mellberg)


- The bridal crown "Your", from the said installation. Annealed iron wire and recycled beads in rock crystal and glass.

- Diadem "Ulli", sculpted fabric waste in 100% Swedish wool, on a friendly bow.