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"We were planning a simple wedding, just the closest family and best friends. A wedding at City Hall and dinner at a restaurant afterwards.

I ran out and into stores in town to find a simple dress that would be neutral enough to be used in other contexts then. Found nothing newly produced, but instead a used wedding dress at a second-hand shop. Now the only problem was ... The hair! It was not possible to have a simple ponytail for that dress!

I consulted Stina, who always has incredible hair sets, if she could help me put my hair up on my big day. Maybe she could help me so that it matched the dress better?
She knew that, but Stina knew more than that, had something even better on her mind.
I knew she was creative, but when I saw her arsenal of bridal crowns and tiaras, I dropped my chin!
They were so beautiful and well made that I almost started to cry.
We tried and tried. In the end, the choice fell on a real princess crown.

Stina really has eyes for what suits different people and she saw that the crown was "me". A dream I had had since childhood would come true - to feel like a princess.

I can honestly say that I have never felt so beautiful as on my wedding day! The krona was definitely the biggest reason.

Despite the incredibly simple event with eight guests, the day was very memorable! "

/ Maria Olsson


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