Anja – Urberg Design


"Choosing Urberg Design to design my hair jewelry for the wedding was a matter of course for me as Stina makes such incredibly fine jewelry. I have not regretted it for a single second.

Stina listened, understood and brought my unstructured thoughts to something that was much better than I had ever been able to dream of.

The jewelry is so beautiful! It is so nice in every little detail and I love that I am the only one who has this as it is a combination of my wishes and her creation.

I felt so incredibly beautiful on my wedding day and the bridal jewelry was really the icing on the cake. Got so many nice compliments and it felt good that the pearls that had once been something else got new life and now adorned my hair.

Today, my hair piece has an obvious place in the display cabinet. There I can see it every night when I sit on the couch. It is not only amazingly beautiful to look at but also a daily reminder of one of the finest days of my life. "

/ Anya 


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