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Jewelery care

In general, it can be said that all jewelery feels good when stored dry and that, for example, they do not lie in a box and wear against other jewelery or anything else that can cause scratches and damage.

Different types of joints can be more or less sensitive to load or moisture. Our products are soldered as far as possible, unless we use glue that must be both durable and compliant, but of course there are limits to what treatment the products can be subjected to. 

Thin and brittle metal wire and sheet or, for example, small details should of course be handled extra carefully.

When cleaning, one should first and foremost think about what material the creation to be cleaned is created in and how the object is designed and based on that choose the appropriate method. And regardless of the chosen cleaning method, make sure to always dry really dry afterwards.

If you do not have access to dry drying in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, an alternative can be blowing with a hair dryer.

Also keep in mind that skin products, perfumes and the like can affect the surface.



Sometimes even jewelry may need a consideration.

Based on our basic values, I offer an opportunity to repair our jewelry.

This is how it works:

First, the customer contacts me via email, Tell me briefly about what has happened, when and attach a picture of the jewelery and the damage so that I can then form an opinion about the damage and then be able to give suggestions for possible action.

Reservation because the product has been discontinued and therefore I may need to find other solutions.

Or that the jewelry has been used for careless use in some way.

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