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My latest circular collections include earrings, rings and necklaces.

  • "Lov´t"
  • "Here"
  • "Mon"
  • "Miara"
  • "Cradle"
  • "Together"
  • "Twiny"
  • "Well"

    These collections also contain more unique products such as:

    • Multifunctional jewelry, which can be used in several different ways.
    • "One of a kind" and "Statement pieces".


    In addition, I also create jewelry art in textile materials and metal wire.

    • Party and festive jewelry such as wedding jewelry, crowns, tiaras and hair jewelry as well as corsages, jackets and hat pins.                           
    • These pieces of jewelery are often custom-made to order, but are also produced, for example, for exhibitions. 
    • Do you have a vision of a piece of jewelry? Do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to interpreting and creating your dream jewelry with my craftsmanship and design language.



    Orders of unique and personal jewelry.

    I have a long experience of creating the unique and personal jewelry.      

    It is a part of my business that I really love and have great respect and gratitude for. To be involved in small and big events in my customers' lives.

    Sometimes the customer has a broken piece of jewelery after e.g. his grandmother or a button from his grandfather's cozy cardigan, where there is a desire to insert similar details in the jewelry in some way. Situations like these I have many times and with great zeal and joy approached. 

    The process starts with the customer's own thoughts and ideas. Based on these, an initial design process starts.

    For more details about a process and order that I have briefly just described, please read further under "Terms of purchase", sections 2.2, 7.4 and 16, where there is detailed information.

    If time allows, I also do "remakes" on damaged / broken jewelry. My proposals for design and materials together with the customer's wishes are woven together after clear communication with the customer. 

    I receive pearls, broken jewelry and jewelry that people are tired of or do not want to keep. Most things are received gratefully, but I must be clear that sometimes I am forced to say no for various reasons. Reasons that I am not obliged to report, as it may concern future projects, etc. I am not responsible for postage unless such has been agreed before shipment / delivery. 


    If you want to get your dream jewelry realized, a jewelry made, or if there are pearls and / or jewelry that can get a second chance through my jewelry art. Then send me an email to 

    Include the following in your email:

    • First name
    • Surname
    • Address
    • ZIP code
    • Post office
    • Mail
    • Phone number
    • Possible notice:
    • Preferably picture / pictures if any.