The four keywords – Urberg Design

The four keywords

Skin-friendly Durable Soulful Care

Four words that are constantly in focus in my creation, in Urberg Design, large and small. Words that both lift, drive, challenge and inspire me. 

I offer jewelry with a small climate impact and impact, through a number of different parameters.

Through a qualitative and solid craft and through a timeless and soulful design language, my jewelry will be able to be used for a long time. If desired, these should also be able to be inherited through generations.        

I am constantly responsive to and looking for new opportunities and solutions for recycling instead of purchasing newly produced material.

When additions of tools and equipment are required, the first option that is examined is always used.

Something I always prioritize as much as possible is skin-friendly materials for a sustainable wearing of our jewelry and for a sustainable production, for everyone's health.

A sustainable work environment for me as an artisan is also one of these keywords. The jewelery artist must also be sustainable and then good lighting, air quality, ergonomic workstations and hearing protection etc. are required.

My family must be confident, able to feel involved and proud of the business I run and what I create.

For the idea of the "sustainable individual" in society, I have a collaboration with one of Umeå Municipality's daily activities, something that is close to my heart. They sew the pockets my jewelry comes in to the customer. The pockets are sewn in waste fabric from a local company that works with interior design and, among other things, sews interior design products for both private individuals and companies. The fabric is 100% Swedish wool. Exceptionally, the pockets are also sewn in other residual material, including different shades of velvet.  

Parts of the waste material that I myself can not reuse in the business, I donate to the local child care for a stimulating creation, with a feeling of "pass it forward" of the creative joy, instead of discarding.

Other things are sorted and handled correctly by Umeå municipality. 

I also offer the opportunity to rent jewelry among the jewelry available in the studio.  

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Thanks for reading!

/ Stina