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The CRADLE, HER, LOV´T, MAADTER, MIARA and MON collections are sculpted / cold forged in aluminium. A residual material from local industries which through me gets new life.

My jewelry art, my wearable artwork, unique jewelry that conveys to the wearer a sense of craft tradition and a sense of strength and pride, among other things through the genuine care and commitment to both the environment and people.

Aluminum has a low weight compared to other metals, which means that even the largest of my pieces of jewelery feel almost weightless.

The metal, depending on processing, can have anything from a luster like sterling silver, to a matte surface like brushed steel. 

Stylish and tight, undulating and organic, rustic but at the same time graceful - a soulful design language that I have worked on over time. A design language that is experienced as timelessly trendy. Jewelery to wear over time. 

All close-to-the-skin jewelry components are made of surgical / stainless steel. 

Note that aluminum worn directly against the skin can, depending on the individual's skin composition, discolour. It is not dangerous in any way but may be good to know.

If there is a strong desire to wear the jewelry close to the skin, but want to appear, I recommend applying transparent nail polish on the side that has direct contact with the skin.

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